Tuesday, May 30, 2006


 My weekend did not turn out the way I had hoped it would and I never got any training in.
I ended up having to go to the emergency room on Sunday night.
I felt great all day and then from 1 minute to the next I felt like someone had hit me with a truck.
Back pain that was worse than anything I have ever experienced and just sheer sick. Next blood in my urine.
My brother called his friend who is a Doctor and lives next door said, take her to the hospital.
Yikes...Needless to say I had kidney stones!! One had passed and I had another one that passes last night.
I have a very good diet and now want to research why I got these. My father has had them and they say they are hereditary. Right now I feel very weak but the pain is 75% gone and I am thankful for this and thankful that I am here with my family who helped me get through this.
I hope to be able to just go for a walk on Wed. and to run the SP 50 mile this Sat.in Utah.
I'm looking forward to getting home this weekend, the girls miss there daddy (Jay) and I do to!
On another note we have had some awesome race results from some of the Dreamchasers!
Here are just a few:
Jackie F. ran here 1st 50 mile at the Bishop 50! Others who ran this race and did well were
Marie Boyd who is the RD of this race!!! Her wonderful husband Andy, George( one of my lead crew for BW), Mark W., Nancy W.
Kira ran the OD 50 mile in Virginia and broke 10 hours!!!!
Alex ran the Cleveland marathon last weekend. His best time before this was 3:59, this time he ran 3:35..he stuck with the plan and did all I told him to do and it worked like magic!:)
More results to come.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Oh, the pain...hope you are feeling better! A friend of mine just had the same scenario as you this weekend. Anyway, I found this link that might be useful:


According to this link, even eating healthy can have its drawbacks.