Monday, May 08, 2006

this is what it is all about for me!


Dear Lisa

I was introduced to you through a recommendation from my  boss actually.
Dr. Simmone suggested i call you as he knew you were willing and able to
direct me in the right direction. It started with giving me your e-mail
address and has developed into such a wonderful experience/relationship for
me. First I need to say i was open to the suggestion, however ? You see I
have arthritis in every part of my body and i'am in pain a lot of the time.
I had let my weight balloon to (just a couple of pounds) over 200. You get
the picture. Not a pretty sight. Anyway i e-mail this Lisa and she asked
about medications/supplements and ran it by the staff. I was willing to
start taking the suggested supplements. In fact my doctor even approved of
the quality and suggested i stop my multi vitamin. She added another B
complex. Now dear Lisa comes the interesting part. You never gave up on me.
The e-mails kept coming and the first major block reared its head. Lisa you
suggested i go to a gym and exercise. That is when  you began to get the
excuses. I can't get there. I can't do those machines. You even suggested I
swim, of course you were informed that i could not swim. You stated that
walking with the resistance of the water would help. You never gave up on
me. Then you suggested Curves and all my excuses went out the window. You
see there was a Curves just  four blocks from my work place and two miles
from my home. They just happen to be open six days a week. Monday through
Saturday, (6am-9pm.) Okay at the end of January I joined Curves. Lisa you
encouraged me not to give up. I have loss a bit of weight (30 lbs.). I have
also loss fifteen inches. I am still in pain however i have something else
also.  You see i had double knee replacements which did not work for me.
Scar tissue keeps them from moving/bending as they are meant to do. Now let
me tell you what I have gained. This goes without saying, to know a
wonderful positive, creative, awesome person in Lisa. I have more strength
in my legs. I no longer look for the nearest wall/table/chair to lean on as
i enter a room. I'm able to walk further then before. I eat healthier
(still occasionally okay maybe more indulge in Pizza and other foods). I
keep at it. I don't give up. I've been introduced to a different lifestyle
through diet and exercise which has made me healthier. I still have
arthritis pain,however the muscles that support the bones are getting
stronger. Every time i think oh! not today, i remember where i was at when
i started and where i am today. Thanks Lisa. you land Jim could not have
been more supportive.
Angie Riley
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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