Monday, May 01, 2006

RW article on depression

Hi all!
Looks like the RW article that was written about me is on the front cover of MSN today so I have been flooded with emails. Below is the link to the article if you have never read it and then below that is a link to an amazing way we can all start to help get word out about how we can help.
I know I will continue to suffer depression and right at this moment I am just trying to keep my ship on top of the water and I am doing it!
Coming back from the MDS and having that BIG time goal to train for was the best, but once it is over one must be very careful about the next steps you take in life. It is very easy to get sad or even depressed when the goal and dream is completed. It is very important to have something else in your grasp to train towards or to look forward to.
It does not have to be a race but you need something to fill that void.
What I did this time was I took almost 2 weeks off from training, I felt myself getting low and then I sent an email to all my friends to set up training dates with them. I make a plan to meet someone so that I wont be alone and have the opportunity to back out.
It works for me, I bet it will work for you to.
Have a great day
 We are also doing a campaign this month called the Field of Hope -  If there is anyone you can send the message to, we would appreciate it (anyone and everyone!!!).  It is time to start shedding a more positive light on depression, so that people start recognizing / feeling ok about seeking treatment.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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