Friday, May 12, 2006


 Good morning,
Below is an email from a friend of mine who is in Calcutta India working.
Pam is doing such amazing work! She will be on my Badwater crew in July and it will be wonderful to learn about all she and her co-workers are doing. If this is something dear to your heart or you know anyone who might want to join her team pass this along.
Sunny and beautiful here today. It looks like a short run day. Sat. morning at 4am I will do 5 hours on the Teton pass with my friends Erik and Colleen. It is so nice to have people to meet for these runs! We PW (power walk) up and run/walk down.
Have a great day

Gladly i will share the details...

I'm here to establish a Peacework Medical clinic for February, 2007...seems like
a long time away, but it takes that long to recruit a team of medical
professionals and raise the funds for medicine and supplies.

KNow any good hearted, adventurous physicians, PAs, or RNs willing to spend two
weeks in the heart of the Bengal region of India??

Once we are here, we will be attending to the primary care needs of ten select
villages about 2 hours outside of Calcutta. The poverty is intense, and these
people never receive medical care due to cost and to the lack of doctors who
will choose to go there.

I was working out in one village all day today, and what my group will need to
pack , first and foremost, is vitamins and soap. Sounds too simple, but many of
the disease processes are a result of malnutrition and poor hygiene. It's my
hope that a benefactor would donate a case of vitamins or soap, or funds for me
to buy them...remember, NO iron in the chioldren vits, since an overdose can be
toxic. Adult vits, iron is ok.

The more complex problems, of course, will require medicine. I purchase meds at
a very very steep discount, and I'm able to fully supply a clinic for about
$5,000 USD. We see over a thousand people in a clinic period. For this. monetary
donations to Peacework are needed. All gifts are tax deductible, since Peacework
is a 501(c)3.

Thanks so much for bringing attention to what we do. More details (and some new
pics) are on the website:

All the best, pb
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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