Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hi All,
I am over the top with emotion today as I open my emails from so many who opened up to talk to me about parents. Thank you for sharing with me! Each day I am here with my father is a new learning and so much is going on. God is really working hard here.
My father had triple bypass last year and he has not really been the same since.
I spent 18 days with him while he was in ICU and we really thought we were going to loose him then. My sister and I were in his hospital room, I was sitting at the foot of the bed rubbing his feet. He was a mess and I have never been so scared, feeling death around me.
I prayed as I rubbed his feet. I saw and felt my fathers will to live leaving his body. I fought with this will telling it I was NOT ready to let my father go and that he needed to back away..really, this was a true conversation. I had way to much unfinished things that I needed to work on with my father.
After several days of touch and go my father started getting better. This is when I had such respect for the human bodies ability to repair itself and to watch someone fight for his life. I told my father that I was not ready for him to go and to fight, the mind is so powerful in the healing process.
When my father was moved to a rehab center I came back here to see him. He told me something that still to think about gives me chills.
You see he does not remember much about the 18 days in ICU but what he did remember was that he was suspended from the bed and that he was looking down at his body, he was looking down at his feet and that I would not let him go!!!!!
Ok..now you tell me that this is not powerful stuff!!!
My father is a smart man, he may not have gone past the 4th grade but he received an honorary college degree from the University of Louisiana and he was the VP of Beltone Electronics for years! Hard work and hard work ethics...
Below is an email from a friend about his parent.
I say we all pray for our parents this week and for each other that we all find the courage to reach out and love the way God asks us to.

All I know is this.  When a parent does not love their children and
does not tell them that they are loved, then that child carries a lot
of unnecessary garbage through life. It clouds their thinking and
their judgment. Some of us find ourselves doing "wild and crazy"
things to test our bodies and minds and I believe that is our
survival mechanism to fill the void that their love should have

I've been down that painful road of telling my mother about the very
simple thing that I needed to hear from her. Those three little words
"I love you" have so much meaning, don't they? Heard too much they
lose their meaning. Never heard they can wreak havoc with someones
entire life.

Nonetheless, I truly was pleased you were able to open those lines of
communication with your father. I know this will mean greater clarity
and bring lightness to your life. Most of all there will be NO
REGRETS in your heart when your dad goes to be with God.

As to my mother, only God knows what is really happening in her head.
Perhaps, he is testing her, me, or both of us. He has been known to
do that a time or two, hasn't he? I suppose time will let me know
what that test was and whether I responded with an open heart and
good conduct.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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