Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Book, check it out!!!

 Great book for all of you that are going to run any race in Death Valley!!!
At last, our book that we talked/consulted with you about through the early months of the year is available!  The press release (attached to this email) announces the book’s availability and describes it for you. 
Denise and I had a lot of great help and contributors-from artists, photographers, desktop publishers, and subject matter experts like you.  We are pleased with what we created and believe that it will be useful for people interested in crewing a successful Death Valley ultra. 
The book is available at http://www.lulu.com/DVultraguide for $19.99.  You can view the guide’s table of contents on the webpage to see the stunning amount of Death Valley ultra crewing content in this guide including Denise’s comprehensive step by step desert foot care instructions with photos!  If you would like a copy to review so you can publish your review on this webpage like you would on Amazon, let me know and I will have a copy sent to you. 
If you think that this book is relevant to visitors to your website and your goals for your website, Denise and I would appreciate you including the link for the book, possibly the book cover (attached as a jpg), a brief description, and most important your endorsement of the book since you are a significant DV ultra veteran.  Here’s a short description you could use if you don’t want to write one.
Death Valley Ultras: The Complete Crewing Guide is a collection of everything runners and their crew need to know to crew a successful Death Valley ultra compiled into one well-organized, easy to use reference.
Let us know what you think of our book!  We feel like mothers of a new offspringJ
Thank you for your help in promoting our book.  I think we all benefit from successful DV ultras.
Theresa and Denise
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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