Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nancy Warren 1st place in 24 hour!

Good morning to you all!
Nancy decided to go and run a 24 hours track race in the Calif. Bay Area for her Birthday!
Guess what? 1st place women and 94.5 miles!
Her race report is below.
Happy Birthday Nancy!
Dreamchasers had some other great race results from last weekend.
Ed: ran his first half marathon in 2 hours!
Will: has run a 50 mile, 100 mile and a marathon all in 6 months. This past weekend he had a best marathon time!
Beth: ran her 2nd marathon is a best time
Angie: has been to curves for 90 days in a row and has lost over 36 pounds!!!
Today I leave for Death Valley where we will have a training camp. I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Many Blessings
Last weekend I attempted my first 24 hour track race.  I hadn’t run in nearly four weeks after incurring an injury at a 50 mile earlier in the month. I relied soley on cross training.  The race was small with about 27 entrants.  I had to go into the run without any expectations. My only hope was to keep moving for the entire 24 hour period.  Right from the start I was very focused and I found my groove running 3 ½ laps and walking ½ lap.  After about 10 hours, I began running the straights and powerwalking the corners. My powerwalking was really strong and the heat (about 85 degrees) didn’t bother me.  At 7:40p, I hit the 50 mile mark and could see that I was in the lead for women.  There was another woman about ¾ mile behind me.  After midnight, about half of the field disappeared to rest.  At the next mileage posting, I was at 81+ miles and the other woman was ½ mile behind.  We powerwalked several loops together and she really encouraged me to try to make the 100 miles.  She was genuine in wanting to see me succeed.  It was quite amazing.  I picked up my pace a bit and ran/walked on and off for the next few hours.  A friend stopped by the track at 3am and I found motivation from him and continued the run/walk.  Toes hurting and legs aching, I powerwalked the last few hours watching the mileage postings.  I continued to stay ahead until the finish, winning 1st woman with 94.5 miles.  I finished nauseous and blistered but never so happy.   
The best part about the race was the people. I met a number of runners who died out there and came back to finish. I felt like we really encouraged each other and it became more than a race.  It was the most positive event I have participated in.  Hugging people you don’t know and telling them that they can make it makes it very worth while for me. One guy was probably doing 10 minutes laps but he kept going and honestly, I have never been so proud. 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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will abrams said...

Just for the record, it was a 100, 50 and marathon in under 90 days and it was not my best marathon time but my third best. cheers.