Sunday, April 02, 2006


I have been asked by many what I am doing to taper for the MDS race.
If you don't know what taper means this is tapering down the amount of time you train for the event.
I have done very little this week, 3 runs that have been about 1:30 total time and with walking. Only 1 run with my pack on. Today was a beautiful spring day here, I ran for 1:30 pulling the tire. The birds were singing in my ears, the sun was out, no wind. It was perfect. I felt very strong and found myself smiling most of the way.
I have so much to be thankful for today having my in-laws here to stay with the kids while I get to go do what I love to do.
Monday will be a travel day. We get to Morocco on Tue. around lunch time. I will go for 30-40 min. easy run and then swim for 20-30 min. There is a pool at the hotel that I love to swim in, but the water is VERY cold! the cold water will help with my taper and help repair my legs and allow them to start to feel fresh again.
Wed. 30-40 min. easy run and swim again
Thursday and Friday :I will swim for 20-30 min. only
Sat. We will be in the desert and I will run about 20 min. with my pack just to get the feel for being in the heat!
Sun. Show time, let the fun begin.
I have to tell you the thing I am most looking forward to about going to the MDS.
I met my husband Jay at this race, we are both running this year. We have sleeping bags that zip together! In our family we can it "snuggle buggle"! I can't wait to get to snuggle buggle with Jay in the Sahara desert under one of the most beautiful star filled skies and share running the race together. We won't run together, I can't keep up with him any longer but at the end of the day we can come together in the place we first met and fell in love.:)
I wish you all a great Sunday. Look for updates before, during and after the race.
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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