Sunday, March 19, 2006

training program!

 Hi gang!
Below is from a good friend of ours who's Dream is to qualify for the Olympic Trials and Olympic marathon! He is is law school full time and has a job on top of all of this.
Amazing, just amazing.
Back here in MN things are going pretty well I guess.  I was trying Indurox as a recovery fuel for a couple months and then a few weeks ago ordered some HEED and Recoverite to compare.  I'm still finishing off the Indurox but I have used the HEED for a couple workouts as well as a race this morning and have been real happy with it.  I've been much more attention to recovery over the last couple months and I think it's starting to pay off.  Today was the first race of the local team circuit and I ended up running about a minute faster than I deserved to for 8k.  This week was only 100 miles, but the previous three weeks went 125, 135, 140.  Between that and running two ten-milers yesterday, I'm okay with a 25:33 8k.  It turns out I was a bit conservative at the start though as I was expecting my legs to be totally dead.  So my splits went 5:28, 5:02, 5:10, 5:09, 4:44.  But that's how it goes some days. 
I've taken a page out of the ultra runners book and started doing back-to-back hard/high volume days on the weekends.  Saturday mornings tend to be hill springing and bounding with a recovery run in the afternoon.  Then Sunday morning 22 miles, increasing the tempo over the last half and trying to run the last couple miles pretty close to 5 minutes with another recovery run in the afternoon.  Then I just do one repeat workout on Wednesday and the rest of the week is mostly recovery running.  Though, I'm still running to school and back every day witha backpack--I finally started weighing it and it comes out to between 22 and 35 pounds, depending on which classes I have that day.  Luckily it's only four miles each way! 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen


olga said...

Ouch! What in the world the rest of us do, comparing to this?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Impressive. I can't even imagine following his training schedule even if I do nothing but run every day.