Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ray Zahab wins the Libyan Challenge!

"The Libyan Challenge was truely a unique event for
Lisa and I to prepare for. Basically, we were heading
into unchartered territory ! A race of
self-sufficiency in the desert, 190 kms non-stop ! The
concept was to carry everything you would need to
survive for 4 days in the desert in the possibility it
would take that long to complete. You also had to
navigate your way with a gps along an unmarked course
through huge dunes, near vertical mountain passes and
long stretches of soft sand to the water cp's which
were approx. 25-30 kms apart ! Yikes ! The scenery was
incredible, and the experience unforgettable. It took
me a little over 31 hours of almost non-stop running
to finish, and with Lisa's ever present spot on my
shoulder yelling in my ear- keep going, don't stop !!!
, I was able to win ! Thanks Lisa !"

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