Monday, March 06, 2006

Power walking and 300 calories

Below is from a coachin client..The beauty of PW (power walking) and 300 calories an hour!
Have a great day
Hi Lisa, 
I had a great day. I did 3.5/1.5 from the start to the end. For the first 9 hours I had a gel at the half hour (Hammer gel/Carboom), 2 Cliff Shot Bloks at the hour and cut down Succeed Amino during the hour. For the last three+ hours I drank water and ate pretzels along with Cliff Shot Bloks and Hammergel. The course was all paved asphalt, shaded for the most part and flat a pancake. I started out slow and got to 50K in 5:54:xx (a new official PR). I was able to maintain the pace, got my first ever sub-10hr 50 mile (unofficial, ofcourse) and maintained pace to finish the 100K in 12:14:45, a PR by more than an hour. I felt great the entire time with absolutely no stomach issues. So what was going to be a training run ended up being a great day. Other than the regular soreness I feel fine now. Thanks for your coaching. 

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