Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My first marathon part 2

I have no idea how far or how much time we had been running when I did not feel very well. I told my brother Stephen that I wanted to stop. He about had a fit. You are not going to stop, you are not going to stop until we get to the end and then maybe you will just need to run home from the finish line to! He knew all to well to tick me off, get me mad and I would shut up and get going.
I grew up with 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister, all of us less than 2 years apart. Having 3 older brothers that were all good athletes made me feel the need to be tough.
2 of my brothers were great ice hockey players, Stephen was one of the best to come out of our High School, one brother was a foot ball player and body builder.
My younger sister was into softball and basket ball.
Not having a watch during this marathon test or knowing how far we had run is just the way I still love to run. On effort!
A little over half way into this marathon test my brother starts to look bad, I mean really bad. His eyes were red and he was starting to stumble but would not stop.
He told me to go on ahead and wait for him at the finish, he was just going to start walking. I told him, No way! Leave no man behind. He yelled at me to get my A-- going or else, so I did. I waited, waited and then waited at the end. I could not believe that I did it, I ran all the way, 26.2 miles. Where was Stephen????
More to come
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