Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good morning!

 Good morning!
4 days until we depart for the MDS! Amazing how it just shows up:)
I feel really good about this race and look forward to some real heat. Guess what? It snowed again here on Wed. and looks like it might do it again today. Some real heat training we have had here. It will feel very strange to be in the desert in shorts in a jog bra when I have been running with 10 extra pounds of clothes on just to stay warm!!! Ha! This should make me go faster.
My workout today will be to push my 6 month old in her baby jogger, wearing my back pack that I will run in for the MDS and do 2 hill repeats. The hill is called shooting star or better known as Barbs hill. The hill is 1.9 miles up and about a 9% grade most of the way.
PW (power walk) up and then run down.
You might wonder why it's called Barbs hill. Barb Lindquist who used to be the #1 Tri. girl in the world and went to the Olympics for us lives on the way to the hill and runs it all the time. I have yet to run it with her but Jay does. They are both way to fast for me! The only sport I can keep up with Barb is walking!!!
Have a great day
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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