Saturday, March 11, 2006

Deep snow workout

Wed. we had 40-50 mph winds and blowing snow that was just like being in a sand storm.

My daughter Annabella wanted to go outside and thank goodness because I did to.

We of course have all the right clothes and gear.

For 2 hours this almost 3 year old and her mommy were out on snowshoes walking through snow up to our waist. Annabella kept

saying, mush mommy mush!

I could not move any faster than I was, my legs felt like

they had iron boots on them.

After 30 min. Annabella fell asleep. As much as I wanted

to go back into the warm house, I kept going being thankful that I had a kid that will

sit in a back pack for 2 hours, be supportive, encouraging and let mommy get kick

butt workout! At the end of the day Annabella says, we did good mommy!

Hope you enjoy the photos.


1 comment:

olga said...

This looks totally crazy, you are tough! And blessed with supporting fun loving kid:)