Monday, February 06, 2006

Texas RR 50/100 Success

What great success we had at the RR 50/100! It was nice to be out of the snow for a few days. The night was very bitter to the bone cold for many of us!
I was to pace and run with Kira doing her first 100! We were running so very well when at 30 miles my left foot got stuck under a tree root and I went flying through the air! Ouch!
I continued on for 10 more miles but my big toe was not going to allow me to take another step, the Doctor said looks like you broke your toe! Kira took off and continued on to an amazing 80 miles but ended up with the SAME toe issue! In all my years I have never seen a first timer be able to Power Walk 5.5 MPH and never get off pace. I am so impressed with this women's ability, we better all watch out next time:)
.Michelle Jensen 1st Women in the 50 and her first ULTRA!!! 8:10
.Katy Cotton: 5th women  in the 50
Jay Batchen: my sweetie: 5th over all in the 50
.Steve Oliveria: 9:19 in the 50 with a best time by 1 hour and 45 minutes!
.Dale Perry: 20:20 in the 100
.Will Abrams: first 100 miles, fell asleep on the road and woke up and was thankful he was not eaten by a raccoon! Just under 29 hours!
Other success stories this weekend!
>Nancy Warren: 50k 4:56  best time by 30 min.
Sandy Mcullan: Fat Ass 50k in Canada, won the race in a time of 4:47 and a best time by 23 min.!!!

Today I am back at home in  0 degree temps and another 12 inches of new
snow. Hundreds of new email since Friday so back to

Happy Feet Lisa"


olga said...

Lisa, congrats to all your clients and sorry about your toe, hope it heals fast!

Anthony said...

Great job everyone !

jas said...

Hope the toe gets better soon.....have fun with the snow.

Larry said...

I was sad to read that Kira didn't finish. She came through the aid station I was working at mile 70. She was having some issues with her feet, possibly due to the hard orthotics she was wearing in the Masai's. We were doing everything possible to ensure she would finish. It was extremely rewarding volunteering for a 100. We felt great responsibility for doing the best we could to aid each runner in their finish. There were several runners suffering greatly that were without pacers in the later stages of the race. I wanted nothing more than to pace all them to a finish, or at least be there during those low moments to provide words of encouragement.